EAS SME Business Services

EAS SME Business Services are designed specifically for the Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the Personal Service Companies to deal with all aspects related to owning and operating a business. Ranging from completely outsourcing all administrative and management activities to simple assistance with incorporation; payroll and bookkeeping, there is always a solution for your needs.

The EAS SME Business Services break down into two main areas; the Business Support Services and the Business Tax and Accounting services. In light of increasing global competition, increasing EU and national regulations as well as the time required to keep the company in good standing is becoming  more of a challenge for every business owner. Many SME businesses have little justification though incurring the overhead associated with a fully functioning back-office. Professional advice and practical support from EAS will enable you to concentrate on your core business objectives, reduce costs and remain compliant at home and abroad

Some of the EAS SME Business Support Services in more detail

Company Formation

Whether you are a private individual or a corporate organization, incorporating your own company can have many benefits. Operating through a corporate entity offers limited liability and perpetual succession. Company formation can also facilitate your business objectives by creating third party confidence in your operations through ensuring credibility and regulatory accountability. EAS specialists can advise you on whether you should incorporate and in which jurisdiction you can best incorporate. We ensure the company formation process is completed as promptly and comprehensively as possible whilst being tailored to your particular business objectives.

Statutory Compliance

Ensure that your company remains compliant with all of the relevant statutory and company regulations in the country of incorporation and countries active.

Our team can provide all required services to keep your company in good standing.

Registered Address

EAS provides registered office addresses around the world, allowing you to keep your home address private. The registered address in many cases need to be displayed on your company website and paperwork to adhere to most regulations. In many jurisdictions, a local registered address is even mandatory to conduct business!
EAS specialists can set-up your registered office address and ensure the registration process is completed as promptly and comprehensively as possible whilst ensuring your business remains completely compliant.

Other Services

Next to the highlighted services above we can also deliver services for governance, business restructuring, phone, fax and mail forwarding, statutory health checks, trademark registration, escrow and many more. Some of the EAS SME Business Tax and Accounting Service in more detail Bookkeeping and Management Accounting Keeping accurate and up to date financial records is imperative for your company to maintain its competitive advantage. There are many advantages to having your bookkeeping records managed professionally. Our bookkeepers will ensure reliable and accurate books are kept for your company using secure market leading accounts software, allowing you to concentrate on building your business.

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