Private Services

EAS Private Services are designed to deal with all aspects of your personal tax, ranging from the preparation and submission of your tax returns; pro-actively managing your tax affairs abroad in accordance with the applicable double tax treaty and local laws and regulations, to estate planning and wealth management mitigating your exposure to all types of income, capital and other taxes.
Our accountants have a wealth of experience when it comes to handling private affairs of individuals in Europe or across the world. We offer services tailored to your specific needs and can look after all aspects of your personal accounting and tax.

Some of the EAS Personal Services in more detail.

Personal Tax

We understand that the requirements and needs vary per individual and as such we have a number of solutions to ensure maximum efficiency based upon different sources of income. We can assist with a wide range of tax related areas; e.g. participations share schemes, rental income assets subject to capital gains tax and tax efficient investments.

Wealth Protection

Professional tailored advice and careful planning can help to minimize your tax and protect your wealth. In addition, many governments have stated that they wish to receive higher amounts of tax from high net worth individuals. By protecting and preserving the value of your assets through proper international structuring there is more monetary security and you will be providing a stronger financial future for your family and loved ones.

Trustee Services

EAS trustee can provide continued stability, professionalism and investment proficiency. A professional trustee can be useful in eliminating the bias that could occur from choosing a family member and ensures you avoid conflicts of interest.

Other services

Next to the highlighted services above we can also deliver services for non-residence issues, capital gains tax, inheritance estate and gift taxes, planning and many more. Our team of personal tax specialists have a wealth of experience in working alongside private individuals and providing them with bespoke tax management strategies. Using our professional insight, we will work with you to ensure you have a clear and focused tax efficient structure that will meet all tax regulations within Europe and abroad.

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