EAS specialises in international consultancy projects and placements
in number of industries

EAS Consulting Services are designed to provide the self-employed consultant or engineer with a strong platform and supporting back office; provide companies and recruitment agencies with skilled and experienced contractors and deliver the administrative compliance required for the delivery of consulting services world wide. EAS Consulting Services provide you as a client with the flexible workforce and the specialized knowledge you might need for a short advice, long-term project or temporary replacement of staff anywhere in the world!

Some of the EAS Consulting Services in more detail.

Contractor Handling

When working with a sizable number of contractors in multiple jurisdictions administering the contractors can become time consuming and maintaining compliancy will be a burden. EAS Contracting Services makes use of the same Corporate Payroll Solutions we provide our corporate clients, covering all aspects like visa issues, double tax treaties, tax efficiency, currency issues etc.
Through these services we can provide agencies with a single simplified and standardized way of handling consultants, regardless of the country where they will be placed and if the consultant is using a Personal Service Company, is self-employed or is being provided by a larger consultancy firm while maintaining compliancy.



As business environments and demands change ever more rapidly due to technology, Inevitable that companies will be confronted with reductions in staff.

Our Outplacements Specialists use a proven process that will provide honest answers and produce the much needed results with both the companies and staff’s interests at heart, guiding both through a difficult time.

Customized Packaged Services

With the emphasis on market changes and changing demand we continuously develop innovative Customized Packaged Services that provide the fitting solution for both the contractors and agencies. Customized solutions vary from a package specific for the Oil & Gas industry providing the contractor with a hassle free PSC – including for instance insurance for on and offshore work, banking facilities, back-office facilities – to a specialized service contract for a project, including HR services and EPMO services. Our Consulting Specialists work closely together with other divisions within EAS to design and deploy a package solving specific needs.

Other Services

Next to the highlighted services above we can also deliver services for recruitment, contractor pay, employment solutions, compliancy checks and many more. Our team of Consulting Specialists have a wealth of experience in working alongside contractors and agencies, providing them with bespoke services. Using our professional insight, we will work with you to ensure you have a clear and focused portfolio of services assisting you with all your demands and requirements within Europe and abroad.

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